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>> what difference at this point does it make? ♪ at this hour,rise on space as a hastily planned space walk is underway. hello, i'm in washington. two astronauts at the international space station are trying to repair a serious leak that has been found at the international space station. the leak first noticed on thursday, and nasa has never before decided on a hastily arranged space walk for a space station crew. the outpost commander says the situation is serious but not life threatening at this time. and we plan to check in on the situation throughout the show. turning to other news -- we're sorry. that's what the irs is saying to conservative groups and tea party members after at mitting it was "inappropriate" to target
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those groups during the 2012 election. the irs singling out dozens of organizations to see if they were guilty of violating their tax exempt status. some tea party groups are saying an apology isn't enough. and now congress is calling for an investigation. we have more now on the story. molly? >> reporter: hi, yes, more republicans are joining the chorus calling into an investigation. why the irs singled out various conservative political groups for extra scrutiny during the 2012 election year as these groups applied for tax-exempt status. just because they had words like "tea party" or "patriots" in their names. some groups have been waiting for years for that tax-exempt status to be granted. as the irs investigated them. lois learner, who heads the irs division that oversees tax-exempt groups, says it was simply a way, albeit an inappropriate way, to categorize groups applying for this kind of tax-exempt status. and that there was not any
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political bias going on. >> that was wrong. that was absolutely incorrect. it was insensitive, and it was inappropriate. that's not how we go back selecting cases for further review. >> reporter: groups can apply for the 501c4 status even if they're political advocacy groups as long as political advocacy is not their primary mission. tea party leaders say an apology is not enough and now members of congress such as republican congressman darrell issa and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell want the obama administration to show that this will not happen again. mcconnell said in a statement he want the white house "to conduct a transparent, government-wide review aimed at assure the american people that these thuggish practices are not underway at the irs or elsewhere in the administration against anyone regardless of their political views." white house spokesman jay carney says if this targeting does take place as the irs says it did, the president would want the
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matter to be thoroughly investigated. uma? >> thank you very much. so with conservatives condemning the irs for what they're calling unlawful harassment, some tea party leaders are refusing to accept the tax agency's apology. the co-founder of the tea party patriots, jenny beth martin, is saying the irs' actions reach what she calls a new low in illegal government activity. she joins us now. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> i know you're very angry anda clear sign of abuse by government power since you believe that the irs tried to block your ability to exercise your group's first amendment rights. do you think there was political pressure on the irs to target conservative groups like yours? >> reporter: i don't know if there was or not. they lied last year when they said they were not discriminating against us. clearly they were. and i think we need to have an investigation to see how far this runs and if there's another cover-up going on.
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>> when you say they allegedly lied last year, you're saying that questions were raised back then by some groups that they felt they were being harassed by the irs, correct? >> that's correct. there were groups all over the country from california to new mexico, texas, south carolina, georgia, ohio, group all over the country, khost coast to coast, that were having issue with the irs. we raised questions then -- are you doing this simply because we're tea party groups. they denied it and said that absolutely was not happening. yesterday they apologized and it meant they did it. an apology is not enough. we need to find out exactly what happened and how we can prevent this from happening again. the irs is not a political weapon. >> a big question being raised now was, was anyone from the white house or democratic party who got in touch with the irs to get this done. what do you think?
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>> those questions are ones that we need to have answered. i don't know if it happened or not. right now we need to find out how far this went with the irs and how far up the chain it went. i find it very difficult to believe that only a few low-level employees in cincinnati, ohio, were able to affect this many groups around the country from coast to coast without some sort of managerial supervision happening. >> now, are you one of those who believes that this action extends beyond the politics, that's what's going on is violating the public's trust? >> it's violating the public trust, and it's violating our first amendment rights. when the irs came back and started questioning us in late 2011 and early 2012 -- and remember, my group applied for 501c-4 status in 2009, we've never had a definitive answer. and we applied for 501 c3 status
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in 2010, they had no answer. they wanted every comment on our facebook page, every e-mail we sent and the names of any congressmen or senator or staffers that are supporters prosecute from around the country -- that our supporters from around the country talk to. it's a complete violation of our first amendment rights. we have the trite talk to our congressman and senators as citizens. and the irs doesn't need to be asking for that much information from us. >> i know you're calling for a focused investigation and demanding the resignations of anyone who was part of this targeted effort to go after conservative gruchs. but right now we still don't know who the people are. >> no, we don't know who they r. yesterday, the attorney for the irs indicated there may -- that there wasn't going to be any action taken against the employees and then they came back and said, well, maybe they just wouldn't comment on. it these people need to be terminated over need to resign. it's a clear abuse of power. unelected public servants are
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supposed to serve our citizenry. and they were acting like rumors in charge of their little kingdom. this is not how america works. we don't have kings, we don't have rumors, we have elected representatives and public servants. >> jenny beth martin, thank you very much for your comments. appreciate it. >> thank you. well, i think -- >> which version included references to al qaeda, references to -- to islam? the original cia version included extensive discussion of the previous threats of terrorist attacks in benghazi. those were taken out after the cia wrote its initial draft. >> turning now to the continuing questions over the obama administration's handling of the benghazi terror attack. white house press secretary jay carney on the defensive as reporters grilled him on the newly released e-mails that show a top state department official pushing to water down the initial intelligence reports about that attack. carney is firing back at republicans who he says are
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trying to politicize the controversy. we have the latest on the story that continues to raise more questions. dug? >> reporter: yesterday marked a real watershed day in the benghazi affair. for the first time in the eight months since the compound was attacked, white house spokesman jay carney was pummelled repeatedly with questions from skeptical reporters and not just from fox but from his competitors and major media. that after abc news reported yesterday that the cia's first draft of the benghazi talking points which stated unequivocally by the way we do know that islamic extremist with ties to jake participated in the attack, well, they underwent 12 revisions since that writing. the final draft, which u.n. ambassador susan rice delivered on those five sunday talk shows, made no mention of jake. her remarks attributing the attack to the anti-islam film were democraton straebl false. corny yesterday struggled through many attempts to explain that. >> we knew that -- we believed
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based on the intelligence assessment that extremists were involved. and there were suspicions about what affiliations those extremists might have. but there were not -- there was not hard, concrete evidence. >> much of the new benghazi evidence now focuses on victoria newland, the former state department spokeswoman. in emails obtained by "the weekly standard" and abc, she objects to the wording of the repeated cia warnings about the deteriorating security situation in benghazi, quoting no, "the early cia draft could be abused by members of congress," she wrote, "to beat up the state department for not paying attention to warnings? why would we want to feed that either," signed, "concerned." when the revised talking points still included references to the al qaeda affiliated terrorist group she warned, "we don't want to prejudice the investigation." she ultimately wrote, "these changes and talking points didn't go far enough for "my building's leadership." and when asked by reporters just
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yesterday who that meant, the state department spokesman, the new one, said he didn't know. in the meantime, senator lindsay graham says that more whistle blowers are speaking and may come forth. we'll be watching. >> we will. thank you very much. coming up, his questions to state department whistle blowers on benghazi led to allegations that they were told not to speak to members of the house oversight and government reform committee about what they knew about the attack. coming up later in the show, a one on one with republican jim jordan who will talk more about the controversial hearing. everything is back to normal at the white house after a fire scare earlier today. firefighters rushed to the white house around 7:00 this morning. a white house official is saying an electrical transformer malfunctioned, setting off a smoke alarm near the west wing. they say the problem was quickly resolved, and the first family was unaffected by the concerns.
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police are continuing to negotiate with an armed man in trenton, new jersey. this is the scene. look at stand glauf began on friday afternoon when police entered the home and found a man with a gun. the police immediately left, and swat teams were called in to the scene. police are not saying how many people are inside the home or what their relationship may be to this man. now to the latest on the horrific story out of cleveland. bound with ropes and chains, held in the basement and sexually abused, just some of the conditions that three women rescued in cleveland earlier this week experienced during their captivity. and now an ohio prosecutor is saying he may seek the death penalty against the man police believe is responsible. fox news has more from cleveland on the latest. garrett? >> reporter: those three women who were held captive for the past ten years are now beginning the long process of healing. amanda berry and gina dejesus
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are back home with their families. the third woman, michelle knight, was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. we still have no word on where she is. there are reports that she is with the dejesus family. one place that we know she isn't, though, is with her own family. yesterday i spoke with michelle's grandmother who told me their family still has not seen or spoken with michelle since she was released from ariel castro's home five days ago. meanwhile, back at the home of ariel castro, police are working to seal up the house to preserve the scene and protect any evidence that is still inside. the windows all boarded up, and they're pouring cement from a chain link -- for a chain link fence around the house. we also know now from dna testing that ariel castro is the father of amanda berry's 6-year-old daughter. the authorities ran his dna through the state data base to see if there was any connection with other crimes in ohio. nothing came up. but the fbi is now running that dna through the national data base to see if there's any connection with other crimes
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that were committed elsewhere in the country. >> thank you very much. it's a neighborhood feud taken to a horrible extreme. in washington state, a man outraged by his neighbors took a bulldozer and nearly destroyed four houses there. the port angeles man crushed a pickup truck and knocked over a utility pole. that knocked out power to thousands in the area. one home can be seen being pushed from its foundation. the man was taken into custody and has a long-ranging disputes with neighbors. it's not certain what it's about at this time. the goal debate playing out over college campuses. several states allowing armed students. we'll tell you where after the break. the border battle washington doesn't want you to see. >> headquarters for distribution of drugs in this area. i will tell you, you go near there, you're dead. you're dead.
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take a look now. we're showing you a shot of nasa there as they are monitoring two astronauts this hour who are out in space on a hastily planned space walk. they're trying to find and fix a look at the international space station. plates of frozen ammonia were spotted on thursday drifting from the long frame that hold the solar panels on the left side. so far, though, the astronauts have not spotted any damage from -- on the pump that they think is leaking at this time from the ammonia. nasa saying that the leak while significant at this moment poses no safety threat. we'll continue to update the story throughout the newscast.
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i'm not certain how much we have to fear chinese coming across the border. >> in this part of the world, we don't have a lot of tourist attractions. this is one of them. this is emergency distress beacon. and most people find it curious that it's in three languages, english, spanish, and chinese. >> okay. it's a film some are saying could kill the immigration bill, but you're not likely to see it at the local theater. dennis michael lynch exposes what he says is the reality of illegal immigration, exposing drug and human trafficking, going inside a drug cartel along the border, and telling us there's a big threat from chinese illegal immigrants. dennis michael listynch joins u with more. good to have you here today. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about why some people feel that this particular documentary is so potent that it
9:20 am
could kill the immigration bill. >> simply, the president of the united states, janet napolitano, marco rubio specifically are feeding a bag of baloney, as i like to see, to the american people. my film and my research and my work completely blows the cover off the garbage that they're spilling. when you go down to the border and the way i go down to the border, i go down to places your cameraman would never go -- >> why, why is that? >> oh, because it's so dangerous down there. it's so dangerous people ask when they see the clip about the chinese, what's the big deal about the chinese. what you don't see on the mainstream media is the fact that the chinese are tapping into our computer systems from a broad and here at home every day. they're a superpower that presents an unbelievable amount of danger to the american people. it's just not the chinese, it's hezbollah. i caught -- i caught people from
9:21 am
the middle east 100 miles in texas working with the border patrol. and when i do my films, specifically here when they come to america, i wear glasses like these. they have an heads camera right there in the middle. i get the things that you don't see on normal tv. i get the things that the president doesn't want you to see. i get the border patrol agents who aren't allowed to speak to the media telling me everything is coming through that border. day laborers, drugs, and terrorists. and nobody is doing anything to stop them. >> what about the reports we get from the white house that tell the public that security at the border has that they are keeping many more illegals out of this country? how do you respond to that. >> i bond is that it is rhetoric and unfortunately we have -- i respond that it is rhetoric. and unfortunately we've come to a place in american history where politicians are more
9:22 am
concerned about chasing after vote than protecting americans. and it's unbelievable to me that the president of the united states can connect better with an illegal than he can with an american citizen. the middle class has nobody in d.c. lobbying for them. i'm here, and i can tell you now, and they come to america, you will see everything they don't want you to see, and i'm happy new year today less as a filmmaker, more as a concerned citizen for the truth get out. in fact, when you talk about the mainstream media and liberal hollywood, they've done everything to kill my films. i'm at the point now where people go to and order a dvd, i send five with the hope that they'll spread the word because it's the only way i could get it out there. other than fox which i want to say thank you very much. fox news is the only station that seems to want to cover this the right way just like with benghazi. >> this is the only way to order it, to get it on dvd?
9:23 am
there's no other way people can see it on tv or some small theater in some different communities? you can't see it that way? >> they won't even take my money at the theaters. i can't rent theaters on my own dime. i mean, you know, look, honestly, you look at michael moore films and look at a bunch of different films, i could make a fortune if i was in the movie theaters. i can't get in them, and i'm not out for money, okay? i'm out for the truth to be told. this bill is a pathway to disaster. it will absolutely crush the middle class when it comes to jobs because when these people get their legal documents, you think they're going to say, great, i can pick more lettuce now that i've got these documents? no. they're going to be going after middle america jobs, they're going to look to become the cops and the teachers and the ups drivers and the aclu and all the advocacy groups like laraza are going to push to get them. and it puts national security at -- at a measure that -- >> i understand. i know. i hear you. and it's provocative.
9:24 am
if people want to say it, they can contact you to get the copy. unfortunately, we're out of time -- >> >> cool. thanks for joining us. we'll be following your story. >> thank you for the opportunity. students at some colleges in pennsylvania can now bring guns to school. at least five state universities are allowing guns on campuses this time. the reversal came after students complained. state lawmakers -- lawyers are saying a ban was likely unconstitutional, but now state officials are having second thoughts telling other schools to hold off on any changes while it reviews the issue. well, some lawmakers say testimony of three whistle blowers on the benghazi attacks this week just raised many more questions. right after the break, republican congressman jim jordan will be telling me if he thinks he'll have all the answers. >> it's a little bit longer than our 24 hours, it's a little
9:25 am
further away. >> and then legendary space icon astronaut buzz aldrin shares his visions for space exploration. why he believes moving to mars is the future of the next frontier. first, it's your turn to pick the news. here some viewer choice options -- take a look. twin peaks. what a way to announce a pregnancy. it brought one little goirl tears. how about owning air force one? it's for sale, folks. or jacqueline smith at the gas pump? use your imagination there. to vote for the one that you want at the end of our show, log on to, and we will announce the winner.
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welcome back.
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let's taken a quick look at stories making news this hour. the irs is apologizing for targeting the tea party and other conservative groups. the agency acknowledging friday that it inappropriately flagged these groups for additional revause. those reviews were made during the 2012 election season to see if the groups were violating their tax-exempt status flag. congress is planning to investigate. the jury in the trial of philadelphia abortion doctor has gone home for the weekend without reaching a verdict. the jury telling the judge friday they are drained after nine days of deliberation. dr. kermit gosnell is facing 250 counts in this case, among them, allegations of killing baby after they were born alive, doing late-term abortions. she was convicted of first-degree murder. a jury must decide if jodi arias should live or die for the murder of her one-time boyfriend, trough is alexander. just -- travis alexander. just hours after she was convicted, jodi told a fox news
9:31 am
affiliate she would rather receive the death penalty than live in prison. you can see that entire interview tonight on a special edition of "herageraldo at larg" jodi arias coming up. and bill clinton delivering an address today. they say his commitment to public service will hopefully inspire students of 2013. that's some the stories making news now. in my first round, this was the first and only time this had ever happened where someone from the state department accompanied a congressional visit and were instructed specifically by the state department do not talk to congressman chafeits or anyone on the committee delegation who was there without being present? >> that's correct. >> well, this week, the whistle blowers from the state department went before congress to tell their side of white
9:32 am
powder in the events surrounding the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. joining us now, republican congressman from ohio and the member of the house oversight and government reform committee, jim jordan. welcome, congressman, great to have you here today. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about that hearing. a very emotional testimony there. and we obviously learned some things that we didn't know before. specifically on what we just heard a moment ago. that they were pressured not to talk. >> yeah. i mean, unprecedented, great kicks, did an outstanding job, as did all the witnesses. in 22 years of service to our cub at various posts around the world, mr. hicks testified that he had never, never had the state department tell him he could not give information to a member of congress without having a lawyer present for those discussions. and this goes right to the top of the state department. cheryl mills is the one who called him after the congressman's visit to ask what took place there and why there was one classified briefing that the lawyer could not attend,
9:33 am
what happened in the briefing. so it goes right to cheryl mills, counselor to the secretary, chief of staff to hillary clinton, and that's why -- that was one of the key things i think came from our hearings this past week. >> when you learned this, what was your first reaction? >> well, it kind of confirms what i think a lot of american suspected. you go back to the -- the whole video changing the talking points, as we've now learned 12 different editions. you don't have to edit the truth. 12 different versions of these talking points where ambassador rice goes out on a sunday show and misleads the american people? now, whether she knew it or not, she definitely misled the american people. that's one of the other key facts from wednesday's hearing is demonstrably false narrative that she portrayed to the american people on friday that was proved without a shadow of a doubt in wednesday's hearing. so it just sort of confirmed that when you had this going on at the start, then we later learned when congressman
9:34 am
chaffitz visit tloibz figure out what happened, they're not going to let him get the information in a straightforward way from mr. hicks. it confirms what we all suspected and what we're beginning to learn based on how they edited the talking points right from the get-go. >> you call it perhaps deliberately misleading. but others are saying it's an outright lie what the white house has been putting out there as far as the talking points. >> well, it just underscores one final take away, i think, from wednesday's meeting. even the democrats, elijah cummings, ranking member on the committee, even the democrats say we need more hearings. we need ambassador rice in front of the committee under oath, answering questions from both republicans and democrat members of congress. we need secretary clinton, we need secretary clinton's chief of staff, cheryl mill. we need mr. pickering, mr. -- admiral mullen. we need those individual who did the revisory board's report. all of those people need to come
9:35 am
forward, even the democrats say we need additional hearings. >> what's the likelihood, though, of getting the former secretary of state to come and testify again before congress? >> i think it's strong in light of the clip you played. in light of what took place in the hearing wednesday. i think it's strong. i think it's strong that we get ambassador rice there. i think it's strong that we get victoria newlyn who was integ graly involved. it's worth giving the american the truth. >> let me get your take on what you think motivated the efforts to put out, for example, 12 different versions of the talking point. what was behind this? where does this -- where does this lead us, and what do we know about the real motive here? >> look, what we'll -- we'll find that out when we get them in front of the committee and ask questions. you have to look at the context. the context was we were 50, 60 days before an important election. that probably influences
9:36 am
people's behavior. you -- it sure seems like it was driven by political considerations. but again, we'll know when we get these individuals in front of the committee under oath, answering questions from members of congress, that the american people can get the truth. >> congressman, great to see you. thank you very much for joining us with your insights. >> thank you. well, he helped the wounded after the deadly texas plant explosion. today, he's behind bars. the very latest on the investigation into the explosion in west, texas, that killed 14 people. also, still to come, a leak found on the international space station. an unplanned walk in space for some astronauts. we'll bring you the latest on this next. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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. an unplanned spacewalk as
9:41 am
crews on the international space station work to repair a leak in the radiator's power system. the commander of the outpost has called the situation a serious one but not life threatening at this time. you're taking a look at live picture of the mission. steve harrigan has been following the story. let's talk about how serious the situation is. >> nasa official have stressed from the beginning that this would not be a potentially life threatening situation for the crew members, nor did they expect any power to be lost. but this has been an emergency spacewalk. this planned well in advance. this coming after a leak in the ammonia of the cooling system was discovered. right now it appear the two astronauts have been doing high-tech plumbing for the past four hours. they have located the leak and replaced the pump so it looks like a successful job so far to stop what could have eventually ended electric power on board
9:42 am
that space station. >> we're taking a look at the dramatic picture. of course as you point out, this was a hastily arranged space walk. anything could go wrong because nasa's not used to taking chances like this. they normally rehearse and do space walks with lots of information. how did you know that there was actually a problem? how did they find that leak? >> reporter: it was crew members on board the international space station, about 255 miles above the earth, who sow what flakes floating by in space. looked like snowflakes. this was bits of ammonia that had frozen there. there have been problems with ammon ammonia, so of it surmised that could be the problem. the two astronauts really are prepared to hastily exit and make repairs. that is part of the training for anything like this which could go suddenly wrong. so there is training to respond to this. and also in houston, astronauts
9:43 am
training and really mimicking the actions of the astronauts up in space, as well. so some thorough preparation. it looks like they have managed to succeed so far. they're testing the pump now. and a positive attitude by the six crew members, as well. the commander tweeting this morning, "this is what we train for for years and years. it's a fun day." a real positive attitude on behalf of the astronauts despite the danger of the mission. >> indeed. certainly the best of the best, those astronauts. we wish them well to get that problem corrected. steve, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> operator: well, wounded warriors giving their all in colorado springs. a surprise guest from across the pond. plus, our interview with the second man who walked on the moon. he is going to tell us why he believes mars is truly the next frontier. >> if anybody thinks about trying to compete with other country, we've got an inferior program to start with.
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welcome back. it's no secret to legendary space pioneer buzz aldrin tons champion space travel. aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, believes that we now need to focus on mars and not the moon as the next frontier. in his new book "mission to mars," aldrin makes the case for why he feels marsz travmars tra is so important. >> smars by far the most habitable location in the solar
9:49 am
system of the earth. it has a day that's a little bit longer than our 24 hours and seasons. it's a little further away, and it's elliptical in its orbit. so being further away, it's a little cooler. the poles have ice and cash dock. the atmosphere is pretty thin. it's about the kind of pressure that we have at 100,000 feet. so you do need a spice space suit. i think it will be a monumental change when we become a two-planet system. >> how confident are you that we can move forward in direction -- in a direction that would support your dream? >> we're starting out in a weakened condition. if anybody thinks about trying
9:50 am
to compete with other countries, we've got an inferior program to start with. and that's not too good considering what we did in "apollo 17." we had a rover, we were outside the spacecraft for three successive days. you're not going to find anybody going to the moon and doing that on the first mission. >> what you were able to accomplish and now what you're saying at this point, 2013, we are extremely wasteful spendinged. >> well, in order to accomplish the -- wasteful spendinged. >> well, in order to accomplish the same thing, in order to look like we're progressing we don't want to go back to the moon and do less than we were able to do by that time 50 years ago. so it's a great disadvantage looking from that point. but what else do we lose?
9:51 am
we lose the opportunity to be a leader, a stand back-type leader of what happens at the moon. >> what about the races with the private companies today trying to take people, regular citizens to the moon, maybe to marchlts is that a good thing? >> there are several companies that have proposed to be able to take a number of people on a suborbital flight. the most well-known is richard branson's virgin galactic. i'm sure that whenever every company -- country goes to the moon, other than the united states, they will go as a national effort like we did. and when we go to mars, it will be a national effort harnessing
9:52 am
the resources that we have. and if the united states has spent resources going back to the moon again in some way to make sense, then we will have denied ourselves those ourselves to build a gradual way to go to mars. >> what do you want people to come away with one they read your book? what do you want them to understand? >> there clearly is a path that leads to american greatness in the 21st century by achieving, the new innovative inspiring, and that lead the rest of the world. >> and this note -- in his book he writes, "america, do you still dream great dreams? do you still believe in yourself? i call upon our next generation of space exploring e plorer and political leaders -- explorers and political leaders to give an affirmative yes." that's the case he makes for
9:53 am
making the trip to mars. in other news, prince harry will be in colorado springs today attending the warrior games. a u.s. paralympic event for ill and injured service members and veterans. fox news' paul harrigan is live with more from colorado. paul? >> reporter: good afternoon. prince harry has been just in the past few minutes meeting the british team. 35-strong-member team from great britain. he's been in the gym behind me playing sitting volleyball. and after that, after falling on his face even at one stage, the prince is always very enthusiastic. you saw him giving the team a pep talk. so the americans are better watch out. i was asked by my american colleagues whether prince harry enjoys this, whether he's engaged in it. he loves doing this sort of thing. it's the thing he likes doing most aside from being in theater and serving his country. everyone here at the warrior
9:54 am
games knows what he's about. knows what he supports -- organizations like walking with the wounded. and he's really honored to be at the warrior games to in a few hours' time open the warrior games, the fourth of its kind. he'll be alongside missy franklin, the olympic swimmer, and of course brad snyder, who's the paralympic swimmer who's blind. we think as a threesome they will open the gains this year. a lot of excitement about prince harry's tour. certainly he's the whole theme of the tour is the work being done in the u.s. and how it complement the work in the u.k. for injured service men and women. >> thank you very much. certainly prince harry is a big draw there. appreciate it. up next, the story you picked at home. hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo.
9:55 am
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welcome back. it is time for the story that our viewers at home picked. you could actually own air force 1, believe it or not. well, not the real air force 1, but a plane that has been used to take presidents and vice presidents around the world. bidding starts at $50,000 and opens on may 15th. air force 1 is the air traffic control sign for which ever plane is carrying the president. and don't worry if your favorite story wasn't chosen. we will post the stories on our show web page, fox that does it for me in washington. this programming note, we have chris wallace tackling the benghazi investigation on fox news sunday. and we have congressman mike rogers and ranking congress member adam smith. more answers needed in that investigation. and an exclusive with mark sanford.
10:00 am
thanks for watching. make it a great day, everybody. a fox news alert, an emergency spacewalk going on right now outside the international spacestation where you can see astronauts are looking for the source of a serious leak on the station's cooling system. they have been outside for nearly five hours now. the astronauts first noticed flakes of frozen ammonia coolant on thursday. nasa has never stayed such a fast expim prom few spacewalk for a space crew. nasa called it significant, but said it is not a safety threat to the crew. we'll bring you more on this story as we get it. meantime, another fox news alert on a stunning admission by the

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